Outdoor Fun

5k loop February 2016
Tapping Day
Bird house
pretty GSP
cross country skiers 2014
Farmer's Market Loop
Sawmill Road
Fish On!
Rainbows for breakfast!
Old meets new
Let's try panning
Have a raspberry!

Tree Farm

Logs ready to mill
2016-07-02 13.20.56
2016-07-05 10.47.28
processing firewood
limbing big log
logging tractor
tree harvester 2015
saw logs destined for the mill
poplar veneer
loaded log truck June 5
harvester and forwarder at landing
2017-03-05 14.01.13
planting an apple tree
2015-08-09 10.21.26
2015-08-09 10.21.46
2016-04-24 09.53.24