Maple Syrup

Despite the pandemic crisis facing everyone this year, we still managed to have a successful sugar season and made a record amount of high quality maple syrup. Since we couldn't have visitors at the sugar shack, we have plenty of inventory and can arrange for local deliveries and shipping if you'd like a bottle or jug. Send an email for more information and see our price list here.

Hand Crafted Signs

Thanks to everyone who visited us at one of the many craft fairs we attended throughout the region! It was great to see you and we hope you enjoy your signs, designs and pure maple syrup. We do have some inventory still in stock, so if you are looking for something for your décor or to give as a gift, we might be able to help!

       ~Dan and Chris~

Wreaths and Sprays

Each year at holiday season, we gather balsam fir boughs and craft wreaths and holiday sprays.

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Feb 2016 Tapping
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Evaporator boiling
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