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"Fill the Ice House" old fashion ice harvest

Come enjoy a family fun day at the Crocker Family Forest on Saturday February 24th from 9:00 to 1.


We will be using traditional tools and methods to harvest pond ice to fill our small ice house.


Join us as we work to recreate an event from days gone by! 

2023-02-25 10.23.42
2023-02-25 11.18.47
2023-02-25 11.34.50
2023-02-25 11.44.37
Hand Crafted Signs

Upcoming Craft Fair events - 

     Dates Pending


We will also be selling all of the latest signs and designs at the tree farm's new barn showroom beginning in February. 2023! Don't see anything you like? Ask Chris about a custom designed sign just right for you!

We will also be adding hand turned bowls and vases to our inventory soon!

2021-08-04 11.56.47
2021-08-04 12.02.41
2021-08-04 12.02.29
2021-07-16 10.00.45
2021-07-16 10.04.50
2021-07-16 10.05.11
2021-07-16 10.05.02
2021-03-15 15.07.50
2021-05-24 16.30.33
Wreaths and Sprays

Each year at holiday season, we gather balsam fir boughs and craft wreaths and holiday sprays.

2021-08-06 10.09.33-1
2021-08-06 10.09.20-1
2021-08-06 10.09.03-1
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