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Tree Stand Poetry

Updated: May 20, 2023

The leaves are all gone but for an oak or two The sunlight sparkles off their morning dew

The cobwebs glisten in the rising sun

Showing off the artwork the spiders have spun

The ravens caw-caw and flap--flap their wings As they patrol for dead or dying things

The squirrels scamper and leap tree to tree Barking and scolding when they notice me

A grouse glides in and finds his stump Wings beat his chest thump - thump - thump

A long V of geese honking way up high Heading south as fast as they can fly

A wide eyed rabbit sprints down the trail All ears and legs and a cottontail

A fisher comes after with his rolling gait Hurrying to seal the fearful rabbit's fate

A woodpecker arrives with his beak of steel He pounds and pecks for his grubby meal

A blue jay stops by to preen for a bit Straightens his plumage, then off in a flit

As darkness falls I shoulder my pack No light needed - my feet know the way back

Inside by the woodstove the others await Hearing no shot they assume a sad fate

"A long day to sit and not fire a shot" He says as he stirs the bubbling stewpot

I smile to myself as I put my rifle away Seeing 'nothing' at all can be the best kind of day

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